First tree of the season!

At Andyn Farm, there’s an undeniable sense of pride and excitement as we lift the curtain on a new season, marking the departure of the first trees of the year. In this heartwarming snapshot, our Amelanchier × Lamarckii, affectionately featured in last month’s newsletter, is snugly bundled, poised for its journey to a brand new home. The meticulous packaging, expertly handled by our dedicated team, ensures that this beautiful tree is ready to embrace the adventures that await in the coming days.

As we bid farewell to this particular Amelanchier X Lamarckii, a stalwart member of the Andyn Farm landscape for the past five years, we can’t help but reflect on the integral role it and its companions have played in the farm’s narrative. From sapling to young tree, they’ve been witnesses to the ebb and flow of seasons, becoming a cherished part of our story.

Behind the scenes, Chris and Paul, the dynamic duo steering the ship, find little time for respite. While one tree begins its journey, their attention pivots to the rest of the crop, all preordained to find new homes this winter. It’s a bittersweet moment, parting with companions that have grown alongside us, but the joy lies in knowing they will bring life and vibrancy to new landscapes.

We’re also thrilled to share our latest eco-conscious initiative: the adoption of biodegradable pallet wrapping from Kingfisher Packaging for our winter tree deliveries. By utilising their environmentally friendly product, we’re ensuring that our deliveries are not only safe for the trees but also contribute positively to the planet. Kingfisher Packaging’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our values, making them the ideal choice for our winter shipments. As we take this eco-friendly leap, we’re excited and looking forward to our potted plant deliveries in the upcoming spring season.

Join us in celebrating this significant milestone at Andyn Farm. As the first tree spreads its roots in a different soil, we embark on another season of growth, nurture, and the timeless beauty that trees bring to the world. Stay tuned for more updates on the flourishing landscapes we’re creating—one tree at a time.

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