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    Carpinus betulus heavey standard. £99.00 h.2to2.1Carpinus betulus heavey standard. £99.00 h.2to2.1

    Standard Hornbeam

    Carpinus Betulus Standard (field grown)

    Versatile plants which can be grown as a stand-alone trees or pruned into a hornbeam hedge. Current Height 2-2.1 m tall and field grown locally to be lifted as bare-root trees between November and February (Weather dependent).Reservations can be made now for November 2024 with a deposit of 33% and remainder payable prior to collection or delivery.


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    • Plant Details

      Heavy standard trees which grow to become more well-rounded, the stand-alone hornbeam trees are excellent at providing above head cover. Can also be maintained as year-round hedging which retains its red dead-leaves throughout the winter for optimal screening. Attractive to birds and other wildlife for nesting purposes.

    • Height & Spread

      Current Height: 2-2.1 meters

      Potential Growth: over 12 meters

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