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    Crateagus monogyna £7.50 h.1m pot 3ltCrateagus monogyna £7.50 h.1m pot 3lt

    Common Hawthorn

    Crataegus Monogyna (Potted)

    Gorgeously coloured, rounded trees with delicate pink-white flowers in the Spring and dark red berries in the Autumn. Known for their deeply lobed glossy green leaves these Hawthorns are a great addition to ornamental gardens. Ideal for hedging and loved by wildlife. Currently 1m tall and grown in 3lt pots.


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    • Plant Details

      Deciduous trees with spiny branches and a variety of colours Spring through Autumn. Can be grown as trees or cultivated into hedging. Native to England these Hawthorns are best grown in full sun to partial shade.

    • Height & Spread

      Current Height: 1 meter

      Ultimate Height: 4-8 meters

      Ultimate Spread: 4-8 meters

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