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    Fagus Sylvatica (1).jpgFagus Sylvatica (1).jpg

    Purple Beech

    Fagus Sylvatica Atropurpurea

    Also known as the Copper Beech this large stand-alone tree with a broad spreading crown, or cultivated into year-round hedging, these Beech trees are ideal for offering colour from Spring to Autumn with deep purple  leaves turning to coppery-brown as the year progresses. Current Height 1-1.5 m tall and grown in 5lt pots.


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    • Plant Details

      Dark red leaves bloom in the early Spring later deepening into a beautiful purple. Ideal to be cultivated into hedging with a thick crop of leaves offering heavy coverage. Or if grown independently the Beech tree can grow up to 30 meters high, offering great above-head screening.

    • Height & Spread

      Ultimate Height: 30 meters

      Ultimate Spread: 20 meters

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