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    Mall's red sentinel £69.00 h.1.6to1.8m brMall's red sentinel £69.00 h.1.6to1.8m br

    Crab Apples

    Malus ‘Red Sentinel’ (field grown)

    Crab apples are attractive trees with white flowers in the spring and abundant fruit in the Autumn. These can be planted alone, as features in their own right, or alongside other suitable apple trees to aide in pollination. Current Height 1.6-1.8 m tall and field grown to be lifted as bare-root trees between November and February (Weather dependent).Reservations can be made now for November 2024 with a deposit of 33% and remainder payable prior to collection or delivery.


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    • Plant Details

      Small tree with lovely pink buds which bloom to vibrant white flowers in the Spring. Glossy red crab apples in the Autumn and Winter. Best grown in full sun to partial shade, in either a planted bed or a suitably sized container.

    • Height & Spread

      Current Height: 1.6-1.8 meters

      Ultimate Height: 8 meters

      Ultimate Spread: 4 meters

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