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    Prunus serula £245 h.2.5to3m pot 65ltPrunus serula £245 h.2.5to3m pot 65lt

    Tibetan Cherry Tree

    Prunus Serrula (Potted)

    One of Chris’s favourites, the paper bark cherry tree, so named for its rich coppery-red and tactile bark. Their crowning glory are the abundance of lovely white cherry blossoms every Spring. Current Height 2.5-3m grown in a 65lt pot.


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    • Plant Details

      Small deciduous tree with shiny red bark, great for offering colour to your garden throughout Autumn and Winter. With peaceful cherry blossom flowers throughout the Spring. Best grown in full sun.

    • Height & Spread

      Current Height: 2.5-3 meters

      Ultimate Height: 8-12 meters

      Ultimate Spread: 8 meters

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