Springtime at Andyn Farm

The plant nursery has been busy with a few key activities over the last few weeks as Springtime takes hold.

As temperatures rise and day length increases, it’s important to make sure that our plants are getting enough water to thrive. This is likely one of the most important tasks for any plant nursery during the summer months, and we sure have been busy with the garden hoses, using our own recycled water as much as possible. In the drier seasons we’ll start to use sand beds and capillary matting for more effective watering.

Another important activity at this time of year is planting. We’ve been transferring our 1 litre plants into larger pots in preparation for the summer season, this will help ensure that they have enough space to grow and develop healthy root systems.

Finally, it seems that we’ve spotted evidence of otters in our water collection pond. This is a fascinating development and a reminder of the importance of preserving natural habitats for wildlife. While otters can be destructive to certain types of plants, they can also be a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and it’s always exciting to see them in their natural habitat.

Overall, the plant nursery has been busy with a range of activities this month, all aimed at ensuring that our plants are healthy and thriving.