Hello Chris I hope you won’t mind: I’ve given your contact details to one of my neighbours… She was impressed with both your way of working and with the results here, and I think may contact you to ask for a quote for work on both their front and back gardens. And while I’m emailing Read More

A.P. (April2024)

Dear Mandi, Thanks for your email. Yes, completed, and a beautiful job as always. Many thanks to Chris and Paul!

A.G. (April 2024)

Hello Mandi Yes, work completed and a great job too… Thanks

R.I. (March 2024)

…the garden is lovely, it was done very professionally and the neighbours are happy, so all good.

P.M. (June 2023)

Dear Chris, I thought you’d like to see how the meadow is going. We are very pleased , there seems to be lots of variety and it seems to have taken very well.

C.L. (June 2023)

I am once again delighted with the work done by Chris and Paul.

C.F. (Oct. 2023)

They have indeed finished Mandi and they worked hard. The garden has had quite a transformation and we are looking forward to seeing it develop over the next year.

R.I. (Dec. 2023)

Thanks for the trees, Chris, they are so beautiful! Can just see the brilliant white bark coming through…

S.C. (December 2023)

…Thank you once again for your excellent work keeping our garden looking good and in great condition.

C&R.H. (December 2023)

Dear Mandi, All went brilliantly well as usual, many thanks to Chris and Paul for all their care and advice.

A.G (December 2023)