Accessible, Long-lasting Gravel and Lawn Solutions

A Gravel driveway or garden is in many ways much more beneficial than concrete, it’s more cost-effective, it’s free draining to avoid flooding and it’s a much more natural way of designing your outdoor space. The problem with gravel has always been the issue of accessibility as the loose stones tend to give too much under foot and make it challenging to walk on, however there is a solution to this. A Reinforced Gravel Grid is a simple way of making your driveway, pavement or lawn more stable and steady so that you can walk, wheel or even play in your garden more easily.

When asking yourself why you should use a product such as EcoGrid you should consider the following benefits. An enforced gravel surface is a much more durable and long-lived solution to accessible drive-ways as it won’t develop pot holes or ruts and it’s free draining nature means no puddles or flooding and no expensive drainage work. It’s perfect for sloped surfaces or intricate designs as the grids keep the gravel from spilling out of it’s designated space and once laid down the grids are completely hidden makings them invisible under the gravel or lawn. And finally in addition to being load-bearing, making them able to withstand HGV, they are easy to walk, cycle, wheel or drive on.

As to why you should use EcoGrid in particular their product is made from specially selected recycled plastics making it a more environmentally friendly as well as good quality for all your reinforcing needs. EcoGrid is the worlds no. 1 Permeable Paving and could be ideal for your garden, follow the link to their website to find out more or feel free to enquire about the product or the installation process via our contact page as iLandscapers are an approved EcoGrid installers.